Grant Waud Relives Famous Deaths in This Gripping Photo Series

Grant Waud is a talented young photographer who hails from Brampton, Ontario. With a strong passion for photography, he started taking photos of friends and bands at local shows at a young age. After pursuing a photography course at Sheridan College, his creativity and experience flourished.

Grant Waud's latest photography series features five famous figures of the last century who were either murdered or died in interesting ways. Waud chose Elvis Presley, James Dean, John Dillinger, Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon. He took two photographs for each famous figure and reenacted the scene of death and a significant object or attribute that contributed to the death of the individual. The series is an amazingly gruesome revival of some of the most talked-about deaths in history.

The extremely realistic makeup for the subjects in the photos was done by Kathleen Groves.