Joseph Maida Captured Gothic Photographs with Tranquil Backdrops

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: & broadly.vice
When picturing the beautiful islands of Hawaii, images of palm trees, surfboards and leis usually come to mind -- it's not a place you'd expect to inspire haunting and Gothic photographs.

Narrated by Jessica Machado's own personal story, Joseph Maida's photographic essay is visually fascinating and tells an interesting tale about subcultures. Dark eyeliner, red lips and black-on-black outfits are juxtaposed against green grass, sandy beaches and blue skies. The contrast is one rarely seen and showcases individuals who reject their happy surroundings in a desperate attempt to create their own authentic community.

With names like 'Nocturna' and 'Kore,' one would assume that the subjects of this series were brooding types. However, those featured in these Gothic photographs explain that their alternative community is made up of friendly people who love enjoying each sunset just as much as the next Honolulan.