Google's Self-Driving Car Has Been Advanced to Understand Hand Signals

 - May 6, 2014
References: google & walyou
Google's Self-Driving Car is the most recent initiative that the search engine giant has been on pointe with. They announced the project for self-driving cars a little while ago, but it raised safety concerns for pedestrians. Of course, the innovators have now eliminated those concerns by creating a self-driving car that detects pedestrians and their body language.

Accidents happen quite often where innocent bystanders or cyclists are hit by vehicles that didn't see them. If Google's concept is installed, the car would notify the driver that there is a pedestrian or cyclist coming up or is in the car's vicinity; thus, the whole disaster could be prevented.

Google also unveiled in a new video that the front camera can recognize different city street obstacles like road signs, construction work and busy crossings. The most amazing concept: Google’s cars can read cyclist hand gestures, such as extending their arm to signal a lane change.