Google Earth Engine Features Progressive Charts

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: & gizmag
The most recent technology to take the Google Earth Engine by storm stems for an association between the cartographic enterprise and Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute. Viewers can now watch the progressive development of areas like Las Vegas, the Aral Sea and Mexico via time-lapse videos.

The progressive maturity of various geographic regions is charted between the years of 1999 and 2011 on the site. While the dozen year gap may seem short-lived, gentrification projects, climate change and pollution have rapidly altered the landscapes in unimaginable ways.

Google Earth’s Engine makes use of a GigaPan Time Machine system. Created for the purposes of panoramic photography, it has been adopted here to enmesh multiple screen shots. The result is an interactive environmental account, and given the visual appeal of the films, they will inform debate on the subjects of construction, conservation and land use.