Go-Diva Makes Small-Scale Bath Bombs Just for Nails

 - Dec 23, 2016
References: instagram & hellogiggles
Go-Diva is a company that specializes in the creation of nail products -- included are bath bombs especially for finger and toenail care. Recently, the brand created a Rainbow Mani Bomb for 'shopcutenails,' an Indian nailart subscription box service. Just like a regular bath bomb, this one specifically for nail care can be dropped into warm water. When it begins to fizz, the include oils, butters and salts are released. At this point, one's nails can be dipped into the enriched water solution for a few minutes.

Depending on some of the aromatic ingredients that are added to the small-scale bath bombs, they may even have some therapeutic benefits.

As an alternative to full-body or full-face personal care solutions, many consumers are now turning to hyper-targeted products that will provide benefits for a specific part of the body.