The GluCo App Monitors Blood Sugar Levels Discreetly

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: sampwhipp & yankodesign
Managing diabetes has never been easier with the GluCo app designed by Sam Whipp that checks and tracks the user’s blood sugar levels.

Using a smartphone, diabetics can now use the GluCo app and add-ons to discreetly check their health stats on the go without carrying the clunky kits at restaurant tables or on their desk in the office. The device can be operated single-handedly because of its sliding function, which releases the lancet, or pricking needle and the testing strip. Within five seconds, the results are clearly displayed on the LCD screen but can be transferred via Bluetooth to their smartphone device, which can then be used for storing or sharing with your doctor. The patient’s carb intake as well as medication dosages can also be conveniently entered.