The Beacon's Reversing Evolution Campaign

 - Apr 28, 2008
References: arabaquarius.blogspot
In celebration of the recent earth day on April 22th, the Beacon organization released a creative and powerful campaign entitled Evolution.

The campaign asks you the following question: "Ready to go back where we came from?" The question is accompanied by an illustration of the long-term consequences of global warming and its irreversible effects.

A glimpse of the possible effects shows how the human body might evolve in order to deal with the environment change. We might end up with fins, flippers, and gills, due to the ice melting. Not so attractive, huh?

I like how the campaign uses evolution in such context to illustrate the catastrophic effects of global warming. Let’s do what we can, those flippers freak me out!

The concept is similar to the Animal’s of the Future exhibit: