This Glider Design by Alexander Shevchenko Costs Less to Repair

 - Jul 24, 2013
References: alexandershevchenko & yankodesign
Ukrainian designer Alexander Shevchenko’s Delta glider design keeps the frugal in mind. Mostly made of laminated foam, this sailplane costs significantly less to fix or replace compared to others in the market. The design is composed of thoroughly researched materials keeping the theme of efficiency in mind. The resulting effect delivers similar quality while promising less repair costs.

Air sports and aircrafts are often associated with lavishness and luxury, but this Delta hang-glider focuses on the opposite. Foam is an inexpensive material that is tremendously lightweight, which is why it works for winged structures. It might sound peculiar to fly in a plane made of something as light as foam, but this glider is said to maintain its rigidity because of its lamination.