Gleaners Kitchen Serves Fresh Food from the Garbage

Gleaners’ Kitchen is a kitchen that gathers fresh wholesome prepares and serves from the supermarket dumpsters and trash cans.

At first, the thought of eating food that comes from the trash seems very wrong, but after hearing the philosophy behind Gleaners’ Kitchen and seeing the amount of perfectly fresh food that is being wasted every single day by supermarkets blurs the line between what is right and what is wrong becomes blurred and you may start to question what exactly it is that your paying for when you buy food in the first place.

Gleaners Kitchen in turning waste into wealth by feeding many people with food that would otherwise be going to the landfill. Most of the food they find in the garbage has been thrown out because of small issues that make that product now unsellable. For example, if one egg from a carton breaks, the entire carton must be thrown out. It is this wastefulness that Gleaners Kitchen was built on.

I’m considering heading to Gleaners for a fresh free meal and to shake the hand of Maxwell, the mind behind this wonderful idea.