'Glass Houses' by Kalliope Amorphous Uses Distortion Mirrors to Mesmerize

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: kalliopeamorphous & devidsketchbook
It’s unlikely that you’ll encounter more convincing photographs of models being submerged in water than 'Glass Houses' by Kalliope Amorphous. But it’s not only the realism of the series that makes it fascinating, it’s the way the watery effect distorts subjects into whimsically shaped beings that make these compositions such visual treats.

Kalliope Amorphous achieved the mesmerizing effect using distortion mirrors. She explains that the series is an exploration of the fragmentation and the willful masking of the self. As such, she replicated the look of water as a way to show confrontation between people and their reflections, as well as to indicate how warped they can become when they aren’t being honest with themselves.

You can view 'Glass Houses' by Kalliope Amorphous in its entirety on the artist’s personal website.