The 'Twin' Glass Carafe Holds Two Separate Beverages Simultaneously

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: yankodesign
An exercise in sheer design decadence, the 'Twin' Glass Carafe by Sen Lin offers a beautiful design aesthetic that's also inherently usable. Where many beverage holders will focus on containing one liquid, the 'Twin' Glass Carafe separately holds two to offer different beverages to different guests or colleagues at the same time.

Finished with wooden plugs that slide out of the way to reveal a slot-like pour opening, the 'Twin' Glass Carafe helps to encourage a balance between different consumptions. The modern consumer is no longer just about diet versus non-diet, but rather about balance; the 'Twin' carafe could subsequently offer a controlled serving of soda, coffee or juice and an equal amount of fresh water. This approach would help to reduce calories in a more style-focused manner.