The Gladiators Bike Offers a Glimpse into the 22nd Century

 - Sep 26, 2011
References: bitrebels & yankodesign
The Gladiators Bike looks like it flew off the pages of a painstakingly rendered graphic novel. This flashy, far-out concept is the handiwork of Korean artist Jaewan Jeong. The actual production of this stylish beast isn't expected until sometime in the 22nd century. Designed with plausible future technology in mind, Jeong provided a snap-shot of the future of drag racing.

Looking like a vehicle from the film The Fifth Element, the piece makes it clear that Jeong knows how to make an impression. The curvaceous exterior of the concept rivals that of the models draped across the bike. Apparently in the future, bikes still get women hot and cheetahs are now domesticated. The questionable marketing ploys aside, this bike is awe-inspiring. It seems poised to take flight in spite of being an empty vessel anxiously awaiting technology that has yet to be discovered. Knowing how quickly technology progressed in the twentieth century, this concept does not seem to be outside the realm of possibility for the 22nd century. On the other hand, I'm sure that's exactly what scientists thought when they hypothesized the human race's imminent colonization of the moon during the 1950s.

Whether or not the Gladiators Bike will ever come to fruition, as a piece of art it stands its ground. It may be a form of transportation that has no means to function, but it sure looks pretty. So, take a good look and appreciate its aesthetics, because chances are only your grandkids stand a chance at piloting this puppy.