Giorgia Borroni's 'Uovo' Shows the Many Facets of This Breakfast Food

 - Jul 1, 2009   Updated: Apr 3 2011
Who knew eggs were so complex? Giorgia Borroni's 'Uovo' photo set illustrates the many facets of eggs, from cracked shells to fried breakfast, hard-boiled whites and framed whole eggs.

Each image showcases the egg in an entirely new fashion. Even the instantly-recognizable cardboard egg crates come into play for Giorgia Borroni's 'Uovo' photo set. Kind of makes me hungry for breakfast...

Implications - Effective photography doesn't require a complicated subject, and photographers have perennially used everyday objects as artistic muses. In this photo shoot, eggs take on a life of their own; the photographer's creativity has transformed a simple dairy-aisle staple into a multifaceted storyboard of evolution, science and culinary history.