Mr. Pink's Ginseng Drink is a Natural and Nutritious Energy Booster

 - Jan 25, 2016
References: instagram & amazon
Mr. Pink's ginseng energy drink is not only naturally sourced but is also low in calories. Infused with B vitamins, the carbonated beverage is a healthy alternative to other energy drinks on the market and features significantly less sugars and artificial flavors than competing products.

This ginseng energy drink beats fatigue naturally and consists of an ancient herb that is known for its stress-relieving and detoxifying properties. In addition to acting like a natural antioxidant, ginseng is also proven to boost memory and endurance, making this energy drink a great alcohol or soda alternative during live concert events, study sessions or even after a grueling workout.

While most energy drinks boast harmful additives and a high sugar content, this natural beverage boosts immunity and energy levels in a more health-conscious way.