These Treats are Titled #gingi to Reach Younger Generations

 - Sep 7, 2015
References: maisondidee & packagingoftheworld
Creative director Martin Kuspal of Maison D'Idee designed the packaging for Gingi Foods' #gingi cookies. The sole purpose of this hashtag-labeled cookie package is to reach younger generations who are avid social media users.

In order to appeal to a young demographic of Internet-focused consumers, Kuspal took the direct approach of using a commonly understood symbol. The hashtag is used on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and now it is being used as a branding and marketing tactic.

In addition to social media-influenced packaging, each bag of #gingi cookies uses a unique color such as gold, teal blue and a medium-hued green. Each cookie package contains a different flavor such as chocolate, walnut or pistachio. On the front of every package there is also a tag-line that reads: "best cookies ever."