'GHOSTKUBE' Allows for Fluid Movement and Customization

 - Dec 16, 2018
References: erikaberg & kickstarter
The 'GHOSTKUBE' building system is a sculptural set of interconnected cubes that can be used for creating your choice of design thanks to the modular aesthetic of the solution.

Designed by Erik Åberg, the cubes have been created with a simple yet demure monochrome look and can be used on your choice of scale to make structures as large or small as you desire. Users can utilize a KEYSTONE cube to lock their design into place to prevent it for being changed up, which will add additional stability for larger structures or creations.

The 'GHOSTKUBE' building system can be purchased in a variety of different set sizes, which makes them perfect for placement on your desk or positioned as a larger unit in your office/living space.