DVP China Eventmarketing Uses its Moves to Market Products

 - Dec 6, 2011
References: dvp-china & euronews.net
Motion tracking has gained staggering popularity as of late, especially with the release of the Kinect; however, smart companies like DVP China Eventmarketing know that this technology can be used for much more. The event marketing company saw a brand new way of integrating motion tracking into a great performance, and did so to promote new products.

Gesture-tracked video projections are triggered by the movements of performers on stage. The video is projected around the dancers and a complex software is generating these spectacular images. As the movements of the performers are getting more dynamic and changing continuously, so the content is. Words, images and video content are all triggered in this symphony of movement. The software behind it is a non-commercial and ultra-complex piece which is delivering unique results in this gesture-tracked video images.