The Georgie Cummings Symmetry Line is Angular and Sharp

 - May 12, 2014
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The Georgie Cummings Symmetry collection is angular throughout, much as its title suggest. The female artist has delivered handmade pieces in the line, ensuring shoppers of their durability and focus on sustainable production.

Inspiring the design of Symmetry are an assortment of shapes. Whether working with rectangles, circles or squares, she has captured the classic structures with an exceptional knack for feminine fashion.

Central to each of these Georgie Cummings items are gold embellishments. Whether in the form of buttons or tiny gilded dots, the accessories are altogether jazzed up with small detailing that will enable women to stand out during the Spring and Summer 2014 season. And though these metallic additions are eye-catching, they are at the same time simplistic.