The Geoffrey Parker Alligator/Stingray Backgammon Board is Ritzy

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: gif & bornrich
If you want to roll dices in style, the Geoffrey Parker Alligator Stingray Backgammon Set certainly meets those requirements. The unbelievable price tag for this fine game board is due to the set's exotic materials and lavish embellishments.

The British game manufacturer is known for its over-the-top opulent games that are created for high-end casinos, corporations and the private homes of the rich and famous. The playing field is covered in exotic stingray skin, while the case is outfitted with luxurious alligator leather. The playing stones are made with yellow and white gold, encrusted with brilliant tiny diamonds. The dice are also made of gold and the numbers on the die have been created using hand-embedded diamonds. It's a good thing this lavish case comes with a combination lock to keep your goods safely stowed.

The ritzy high-roller Geoffrey Parker Alligator Stingray Backgammon set is extravagant to say the least.