Geneviève Santerre’s 'Body of Art' is Shocking and Provocativ

French artist Genevieve Santerre’s artwork is sexuality in the form of sculptures.

These provocative pieces of work interpret the central concerns surround the female body and the idea of sexuality as a whole. The series targets the myth that women aren’t "allowed" to be as free with their sexuality as men are. Featuring such works as discharge-soaked underwear, bronze cast genitals, and human-animal hybrids, Santerra proves to be very upfront about her message and what her art portrays. With little improvement since the feminist movement in the 60s, Genevieve wanted to focus on those that still #### shame sexually open women and those who still consider women as mere objects.

Santerre really pushes her viewers with her astonishing artwork to reflect and deeply meditate on recontextualized sexual images.