This Website Allows Users to Generate Color Palettes from Pokémon

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: pokepalettes & fastcodesign
Gus Clover recently developed an interactive website that allows users to generate color palettes based on classic Pokémon characters. For those who love the iconic anime series, this website might just be the perfect home decorating tool.

The online tool is called 'Pokémon Palettes' and works by allowing users to type in the name of over 700 different Pokémon characters. The site will then generate color palettes based on the shades synonymous with each anime character. The hexadecimal color palettes are arranged according to prevalence, meaning characters such as Pikachu will primarily display yellow, while Jigglypuff will conjure up a pastel pink palette.

While Pokémon Palettes may not be the most practical home decoration tool, the site does provide a fun way to browse through the iconic anime characters.