This Gay Video Game Pays Tribute to Old Absurd Stereotypes

A new gay video game called 'Ultimate Gay Fighter' is launching in January. No, I'm not using a slur to say it looks bad, this game is literal very queer. All the character are gay stereotypes like "Twink," "Drag Queen," "Lady Lover" and "Bear." Knocking your opponent out isn't a fatality, it's a "Gaytality."

The creator Michael Venker made this gay video game with good intentions. Venker is also gay and he created the game to respond to the fact that, although homosexuals have a lot of consumer clout, there are very few video games marketed to them.

The offensive stereotypes are meant to be tongue-in-cheek and a send up to old combat games that also showed very one-dimensional stereotypes of their characters. Said Venker "Fighting games, and video games in general, have a running reputation of being very stereotypical in their character portrayals--whether it's how they draw women, or how they represent minorities. My game is merely a play off of what has come before, while at the same time, I kind of view it as a celebration of my gay brothers and sisters."