The Gatefeeder Controlled-Feeding System Monitors Food Intake

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: gatefeeder & coolhunting
While most cat owners would not say that their furry friend is particularly high maintenance, Philip Eu’s patented Gatefeeder controlled-feeding system will make the animal even more independent and less stressful for any owner.

The system is designed to ensure that each cat in a home gets the right amount of food that is needed for its particular diet. Each Gatekeeper comes with a Smart Id tag sensor that attaches to the animal’s collar. This tag allows the feeding system to know when a cat is approaching the feeder and whether it is cat that is supposed to be eating the food inside.

The Gatefeeder controlled-feeding system will be helpful in multiple cat homes by ensuring that each pet is eating the right food for them instead of munching away on any bowl in the house. It will also be a great way to ensure that a kitty receives its medication, if needed.