Designer Garth Britzman Creates a Sustainable Parking Canopy

 - May 14, 2012
References: & thisiscolossal
Lincoln, Nebraska designer Garth Britzman has completed a project which speaks to the creative possibilities of recycling. The colorful bottle-made canopy he created, that is undeniably beautiful, is gaining attention for its eco-friendly message.

The canopy, which Britzman uses to cover his car, is a mosaic of sorts. The functional piece was created by suspending empty plastic bottles with colored water. Using complementary colors and a wave-like pattern, the outcome is an organic looking and dynamic piece. Britzan not only incorporated used bottles into the mix, but capitalized on their interesting shape by taking advantage of the flower-like base that each bottle had. The beauty of the canopy lies not only in the hanging bottles, but also in the suspension which allows for more fluid movement, a fitting attribute to the environmentally inspired canopy.

By incorporating used materials into the project, Garth Britzman has created something far more interesting than a new, manufactured product. Capable of showing people the power of the three R's, this designer is eco-friendly and remarkably talented.