Garfield Inspired Tattoos are Everlasting

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: tattoospit & juxtapoz
For anyone who loves lasagna more than the next person, hates Mondays and likes to lounge on the couch watching television; these Garfield inspired tattoos are for you.

Inspired by the popular comic strip "Garfield", created by James Robert "Jim" Davis, this collection of tattoos features the loveable orange cat character Garfield. It almost seems as though no one told them it would not be a great idea to get the orange cat permanently tattooed on their bodies, but judging by the amount of tattoos out there with Garfield it much be catching on.

Some of the tattoos consist of Garfield beheaded, smoking with a smug look on his face, sitting with his stuff teddy bear and the more popular scratching Garfield. Well, whatever floats your boat I guess, more power to yah!