This Garden Protector is Getting Rid of the Gnomes and Everybody Else

 - May 30, 2014
References: thinkgeek & technabob
It's unclear what gnomes and garden protectors actually do. While the name would imply that they're defending your lawn in the same capacity that a scarecrow would, what exactly is it protecting it from? This Godzilla like garden protector will try to answer that question, while also being the most intimidating lawn ornament you've ever known.

What do all garden gnomes fear? The answer would be Godzilla, just like everybody else. This gnome eater is 9 inches tall and is perpetually on a Reptar-like rampage through your front lawn. This garden protector will do considerably less protecting of your garden and much more blindly devouring any gnome it can get its hands on.

The garden protector is cute, quirky and even a bit edgy, so those who have a bit of extra space should certainly look into one.