The 'Game of Odds' Combines Truth or Dare with Russian Roulette

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: kickstarter & prweb
In a much safer version of the dangerous game Russian roulette, the Game of Odds makes truth or dare much more interesting.

Designed to build anticipation until someone finally has to act on a "Truth" or a "Dare," the game works by having players shout the "odds" that the person being dared will complete the dare assigned to them. If the players shout the same number, the person being dared must complete it. If not, that player gets to choose someone else to complete the dare but must shout out lower odds than the ones called out for their turn. This ensures that at some point, someone playing the Game of Odds will have to complete the dare -- it is just a matter of "who" and "when."

This unique game concept would liven up slow weekends and would be perfect for parties, family gatherings and weekends away at the cottage.