Gabor Havasi's Extended Coincidence Series Takes a Joyful Look on Life

Gabor Havasi's Extended Coincidence photo series brings together documentary fine art photography and "spot-the-difference" children's games in a unique, playfully intelligent way that will make you smile every time you see more.

What is Extended Coincidence? Photographer Gabor Havasi explains the concept quoting Albert Einstein: "Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous." The Extended Coincidence photo series let you experience coinciding moments, taking place in distant locations, but united in one small detail. Can you spot the similarity?

Gabor Havasi's documentary series and his playful point of view makes you appreciate the singular moments captured by his camera even more: how the lights fall on a plant, how the sun sets by the sea, or how his son smiles at him. Observers will love each coincidence.