'Gable House' Plays Off of Traditional Architectural Styles

 - May 23, 2018
References: archdaily
Throughout history, there have been era-defining styles in every creative field, and 'Gable House' is one of the rare examples of a work that manages to refer back to one of those eras without abandoning the contemporary movements that guide its modern existence. The home is a refurbished San Francisco Victorian, which means that it adheres to some tightly regimented stylistic traits. However, the architects managed to keep the home in line with modern ideals as well.

Color is one of the key ways that Gable House upends tradition. Most Victorian homes have some sort of dark coloring, whether from the color of the brick used to build them or as a purely stylistic choice. Gable House is completely whitewashed, which clearly sets it apart from the buildings around it.

Image Credit: Joe Fletcher