These Kiosks Allow Customers to Order Food for Future Deliveries

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: facebook & hulldailymail
'Deli No.1' recently installed a series of high-tech kiosks that allow customers to order food and drinks for future deliveries. For many busy professionals, there is simply not enough time at lunch to go to a restaurant and wait for food to be prepared. These convenient deli kiosks provide a more flexible option for ordering food on the go.

Deli No.1 is an artisan sandwich and coffee shop located in the UK. In order to reach consumers on their lunch break, the chain is rolling out 56 ordering kiosks that can be used to plan for future deliveries. Each kiosk is equipped with an interactive touchpad that allows consumer to select the food or drinks they would like to have delivered later in the week. The idea is that the kiosks will save consumers the hassle of going into an actual restaurant when they may be pressed for time.

By strategically placing ordering kiosks around the city, restaurants such as Deli No.1 can reach consumers who may not have time to visit the cafe otherwise.