Lingxizhu Meng's Artwork Depicts Human Babies Combined with Dogs

 - Aug 16, 2013
References: cargocollective & designtaxi
Lingxizhu Meng's fusion art are thought-provoking creations that looks at what would happen if dogs and human babies were genetically manufactured. The premise of the artwork is to imagine what the possibilities of DNA altering technologies are and how society would react to them.

As for her motivation for the fusion art, Meng explains, "compared to vague ideas or abstract imaginations, I wanted to make a detailed speculation of the future of science and marketing." While the the images come across as graphic and even gruesome, Meng asserts that she wanted the project to inspire the question of, "what would people do if it actually happens?".

It's a legitimate question to ask as the technology that currently exists today projects to make this type of genetic altering possible.