Cruelty-Free Company Petite Mort Fur Sources Its Fur From Roadkill

 - Dec 19, 2014
References: petitemortfur & springwise
The main reason to go faux is the cruelty animals endure to become fashion -- unless you take the fur from roadkill. Petite Mort Fur is a company committed to being cruelty-free. They do this by getting their furs from animals that died of natural causes or were killed by cars and vehicular traffic.

The socially conscious fashion company sources its fur from roadkill and companies that can verify their pelts are the result of an accident or natural death. The custom-made pieces are individually tailored, numbered, hand-cut and include scarves, muffs, leg warmers.

As non-damaged fur is a difficult commodity to come by, the scarcity is reflected in the price. However, a portion of their proceeds is donated to the New England Wildlife Critical Paths.