These Funny Post-It Notes Provide Helpful Tips

Using a series of funny post-it notes to describe the arduous life of parenting and to provide helpful tips, work-at-home dad Chris Illuminati’s series of witty postings are blowing up. 

Inspired by his first (hilarious by-mistake note) "feed baby, change baby, don’t feed baby to the cat" note, the witty father started posting the funny post-it notes on a Tumblr page ‘Message With A Bottle.'  

So instead of leaving the notes around the house to just humor himself, the dad started sharing them and gained thousands of other parents as fans on social media platforms.

"There are hundreds of thousands of parents out there just like me. Parenting sucks a good majority of the time, but we all accept that fact, and move on with our lives. I’ve also learned NO MATTER WHAT I DO I’m screwing up my kid in some way. So I stopped trying to be perfect," says Illuminati.