Mind Your Manners with These Fun Kitchen Table Napkins

 - May 29, 2013
References: scoutmob & holycool.net
These fun kitchen table napkins will provide a gentle reminder how to behave at the dinner table. These manner-themed table essentials are printed with four important etiquette lessons: "Elbows off the Table," "Please and Thank You," "Chew With Your Mouth Shut" and "Don’t Reach Across the Table."

These manner tips are printed in red in a sweet cursive font that will remind you just how your mother would have said it. It's a cute addition to the modern, hip kitchen that still wants a bit of a homey touch. The red on white is always a sweet look.

Keep your manners and lips dainty at the table with these cute reminder napkins. A set of 8 cloth napkins are sold for $35.