The Full-Size LEGO Car Runs on Air

Who needs a Benz or a Mercedes when there’s the full-size LEGO car!

Designed and handmade by Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Romanian teen Rail Oaida, this amazing automobile is crafted entirely out of Lego building blocks. This vibrant vehicle is no standard sculpture either, it’s road ready and has already been test driven. In addition to its already idiosyncratic characteristics, this automobile is 100 percent eco-friendly and runs completely on air. Modeled after a Melbourne Hot Rod, this crazy car took 500,000 Lego pieces to construct and has a top speed of 20-30km. Driven slow for fear that the car may just fall apart entirely from collision or rough winds.

The Full Size Lego Car is definitely the coolest ride I’ve ever seen. I’d choose this over a limo any day.