The 'Fuel Station of the Future' is Depicted as the Cityscape

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: fosterandpartners & gizmag
Although there are many ways one would imagine the 'Fuel Station of the Future,' this concept by Nissan and Foster + Partners isn't a station at all. Instead, the proposed concept sees the gas station as the home, streets and the car itself rather than an individual location.

The station concept would offer drivers the ability to store unused batteries, perform wireless charging and even connect to their vehicles wirelessly. The concept rethinks how energy will be used and disseminated in the future.

Being that we are moving in a direction towards totally electric vehicles and autonomous cars, the 'Fuel Station of the Future' gives a realistic idea of what might be soon to come. The concept sees fueling vehicles as an intuitive part of an urbanite's lifestyle rather than a pitstop to visit.