The APODO Acai and Fruit Blends Juices Feature Bright Branding

The smoothie and juice industry is showing little sign of slowing down with products like the APODO acai and fruit blends coming about to satisfy a growing consumer demand. The branding for the APODO smoothies is the design work of creative agency Estudio Cão for Pakky Food and is a chromatically vibrant display of fine attention to packaging detail.

Each of the individual APODO smoothies is packaged in a cute, psychedelic bottle that is brightly emblazoned with swirling imagery that incorporates the fruit ingredients. The exotic fruit blends beverages aim to provide a quick, delicious and convenient way to keep superfruits in one's diet.

The APODO fruit smoothies will be available in four flavor varieties in various European countries including France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and England.