'Gota Ice' Turns Water into Frozen Ice Cubes in Ready-to-Freeze Packs

'Gota Ice' offers a compact solution for making frozen ice cubes without a tray. The packaging features six small trays that are pre-filled with water and sealed to prevent spilling during the transit or freezing process. The entire package of six ice cubes can be added to a freezer as an alternative to using a tray or mold for making ice cubes.

Gota Ice offers an alternative to buying a dedicated portable ice maker or investing in a large amount of pre-packaged frozen ice cubes that are sold in stores.

As the market for artisan water expands, ice cubes are also becoming more innovative. This includes examples like frozen ice cube products that are oversized, pre-flavored or infused with ingredients that will pair well with an assortment of chilled beverages.