Asutra's 'Freshen Your Feet' Soak Will Have Your Feet Sandal-Ready

 - Jun 13, 2019
References: amazon & elle
Consumers looking to have sandal-ready feet should consider Asutra's 'Freshen Your Feet' therapeutic foot soak. It comes with a wooden spoon and a pumice stone. The spoon helps users conveniently scoop the product, while the pumice stone safety removes dead skin.

Asutria's foot scrub is vegan and paraben-free. It's made from 100% Pure Dead sea salt that contains over 20 healing and exfoliating minerals. This therapeutic foot soak is made from all-natural ingredients, ensuring it is non-toxic and eco-friendly. 'Freshen Your Feet' therapeutic foot soak has various health benefits for users. The soak can improve circulation, while reducing swelling and inflammation. Additionally, the soak can relieve itching and fight bacteria that causes foot odor. The tea tree oil ensures your feet smell fresh while fighting any potential infections like athlete's foot.

Image Credits: Asutria