French Connection App Shows the Brand's Expansion to the Digital World

The latest venture from French Connection (FCUK) into the digital world is the newly announced French Connection iPhone app.

During the year, FCUK started to use various forms of social media to its advantage. The company launched a Facebook page that customers could use to buy products. Then there was the release of YouTique, a YouTube shopping channel. The French Connection app is the brand’s way of taking over the world of smartphones. The free app is developed by Answer and its purpose is to let users browse through FCUK’s collections and purchase them. It also connects to the user’s Facebook and Twitter account so that they stay up to date with the company and share their purchases with friends to get an opinion.

It looks like FCUK is transitioning into the digital realm very well. With UNIQLO’s UNIQLOOK as competition, it’d be interesting to see what other fashion brands will do to compete in the social media realm.