Freeze Juice Cambodia Makes Refreshing Beverages to Be Served Chilled

 - Mar 10, 2016
References: youtube & lcaintl
Sipping on fruit punch, orange juice or a hydrating coconut water drink are all great ways to cool off in the heat—but Freeze Juice Cambodia wants to make the act of drinking even more of a cooling activity by selling its beverages in metal cans.

Freeze Juice types include exotic milky types like Coffee with Milk, Melon Milk and a Rose Milk, as well as refreshingly exotic types like a Crysanthemum Drink and a Grass Jelly Drink. Even if these fresh fruit juices become overly frozen, they'd simply become more of an icy slush treat.

Rather than packaging the cooling beverages in juiceboxes, cartons or bottles, Freeze Juice Cambodia uses cans as a way to provide a quick and easy way for consumers to enjoy a chilled drink at home, or on the go when packed away in an ice-filled cooler.