Free E-Smoking Promo That's Not Really Free & Not Really Smoking

In a recent press release, Smoke Star Electronic Cigarettes announced a free trial offer of its product. Electronic cigarettes are promoted as an affordable, safe way to enjoy smoking without the health risks of traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are cartridges filled with nicotine and other chemicals that vaporize when heated to deliver a nicotine-chemical cocktail steam to the user: They aren’t really ‘smoked.’

It turns out that the e-cigarettes aren’t really free either. It will cost users $9.95 to give the smokeless cartridges a try. Accepting the offer also signs users up for the purchase price of $89.95 and a monthly fee of $29.95 — 15 e-cigarette cartridges monthly. The promotional offer isn’t exactly deceptive, but users do need to be careful to read all of the terms.

While the e-ternative to tobacco MAY be less harmful, DailyTech reports: FDA Finds That E-Cigarettes Toxic, Just Like Their Real Counterparts, and it might be a good idea to look at how tobacco cigarettes were promoted early on to gauge just how true advertising claims can be:See ads in the gallery above.