The Fred Perry Driscoll Boots Meld Classic Style With Ubran Aesthetic

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: soletopia
The Fred Perry Driscoll boots are a fun play on British street style and the classic shoe form.

Fred Perry is a brand with a serious following all over Europe and around the world. The Driscoll boots are a fine combination of leather and canvas. The shoes are broken up into panels, breaking up the heaviness of both materials. This gives the footwear a playful, compartmental feel. The boots were released in an orange and brown Autumn-inspired palette. The tan details and neutral nature of the color choices make these boots a magnificent match with fall/winter attire and they can be brought back out come spring time.

The Fred Perry Driscoll boots fuse leather with canvas and classic shoe styles with a contemporary design to make a fantastic pair of footwear.