Fred Murphy's Fisher-Price Records are Innovatively Made Vintages

 - Sep 8, 2012
References: instructables & core77
Even though there are plenty of toddler-safe musical mechanisms on the market, the development of Fred Murphy's Fisher-Price records shows how nostalgic today's consumers can be. The UK innovator took on a personal project to produce the old plastic children's turntable vinyls without the 1970s molds. Instead, he opted to make use of one of the most cutting-edge technologies that he could get his hands on, the process of 3-D printing.

Fred Murphy's Fisher-Price records were first successfully manufactured with a CNC mill, but the second challenge was to use much more complex software to sculpt the disks completely on the computer. A program called Visual C# 2010 Express lets you compose and edit your very own simple tune. The notes can then be superimposed and embossed onto the record's rendering in OpenSCAD so that the product can be printed in a variety of materials from an STL file.