The 'Rescue of the Bull' by Fran Recacha is Contested and Curious

 - May 14, 2012
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This oil painting by Barcelona, Spain-based artist Fran Recacha combines classical proportions and ideals of form with surreal figures and curious contexts.

The 'Rescue of the Bull' depicts a man and a woman atop a bull fleeting from a crowd of people. The woman holds a ragged red flag as the man attempts to steer the bovine to safety. Behind the bull is a curiously assembled crowd.

One rather strong man is grabbing the bull's tail, trying to keep it from escaping. Another man crawls along the ground trying to pick up wads of cash slipping out of a suitcase with the word "Monopoly" on it. Also in the crowd is a tin-man-like figure, walking jauntily through the scene.

It should be noted that while the man atop the bull wears a sleeveless shirt and cargo shorts, all those aft of the bull are adorned in suits.