The Fossil Radio Embodies the Contemporary Art of Electronics

 - Oct 13, 2013
References: yeongkeun
Designers generally work as hard as they can to hide all of the messy bits of electronic equipment, leaving the user with nice and sleek objects that provide most details in the forms of buttons and dials. The Fossil Radio has a beautiful smooth case to cover all of its insides; however, this shell is completely clear.

The glass material leaves every wire and computer chip exposed and open for viewing, enabling the user to appreciate the complexity of such a standard household object. Yeong Keun Jeong has, however, arranged the inner components with great care, making this intriguing item into a work of art.

Conjuring nostalgia in its design, the Fossil Radio is more an example of a contemplative piece that aims to comment on connections and memories with its colorful contained network.