The Foscarini Birdie Lamp Incorporates a Little Perch as its Switch

The silhouette of a typical table light has something vaguely in common with that of a deciduous tree, so it's not a stretch to see how the Foscarini Birdie Lamp has been sculpted with further similarities. A whimsical modeling of the shaft of the fixture resembles a tree trunk and a single offshoot acts as a tiny branch.

From the base of the Riccardo Ceci's appliance, the stem narrows organically and broadens briefly where the twig-like projection diverges downwards. The bole continues elegantly upward to hold a lightbulb within the vibrant translucent lampshade.

Despite the obvious playful quality of the Foscarini Birdie Lamp's design, it does have a lovely minimalist aesthetic about it. All finicky components of the fixture are hidden from the eyes and even the switch is simply integrated into the single sprig.