A New Fortnite Monopoly Board Reinvents the Classic Board Games

 - Sep 10, 2018
References: techspot & ca.ign
A new Fortnite Monopoly board is set to bring all the hype of the video game into the board game world. Created in a partnership between Epic Games and Hasbro, the Fortnite Monopoly board aims to bring "a battle-building twist to the iconic fast-dealing property-trading game." The Fortnite-themed version of the game will replace the traditional money with health points and each property will be from a location of the Fortnite: Battle Royale Island.

The Fortnite Monopoly board game also reimagines the basic movements of the game. Instead of using both dice for movement, one will be used to take an "action." This "action" allows players to use Bandages to recover health, shoot other players with Cross Hairs, protect themselves with a Wall, and use a Boogie Bomb to take life away from all players.

Image Credit: Hasbro/Epic Games