The Ford Quiet Kennel Gives Dogs a Place to Hide From Fireworks

 - Dec 18, 2018
References: motor1 & cnet
Loud noises can often stress out pets, but thankfully Ford has developed the Ford Quiet Kennel to help solve this issue. Utilizing noise-canceling technology, this unique dog kennel takes on the same innovations seen in vehicles to help create a quiet haven for skittish dogs. Like other noise-canceling systems, the Ford Quiet Kennel uses external microphones to pick up the sound of fireworks, and other loud noises and a speaker works inside to emit an opposing frequency. This cancels out the offending noise and ensures the inside maintains a calm and fairly sound-proof environment.

While the Ford Quiet Kennel would be an amazing standalone offering, the kennel is actually being used to showcase the new noise-canceling hardware found in the Ford Edge SUV. In this regard, the kennel serves as a marvelous piece of marketing that also offers dog owners a way to better the lives of their pets.

Image Credit: Ford