Get Delicious Ideas to Successfully Innovate in the Food Industry

 - Jan 26, 2011
References: trendreports
Foodies, chefs, food marketers and restaurant owners: you can’t afford to ignore Trend Hunter’s Food Trend Report. Packed with insight into consumer mindset when it comes to food, it’s your source for uncovering the major trends related to dining, food advertising and marketing and other innovations in food. 

In what ways has technology affected the purchase of food, or at-home dining? How are brands marketing food to today’s more health-minded consumers? Find out in our crowdsourced research report, which includes trends like Portable Nutrition, Quick Fix Comfort and Form Over Food. It’s a must-have resource for any brand competing in the food industry.

Comprising the most relevant crowdsourced food trends, the Food Trend Report will give you insight into the world of cuisine so that you may gain consumer knowledge and innovate for a competitive edge.

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